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Introduction to Marketing

Korea University

The objective of this course is to introduce marketing as an important function of the organization. Its focus is to demonstrate marketing’s role and importance to the modern organization and the community.
At the end of this course students will achieve the following objectives:
1. To become familiar with the role of marketing within the organization and society.
2. To understand the nature of the environment within which the marketer must effectively operate.
3. To become aware of the range of tools available to the marketer to respond to changes in the environment.
4. Show how marketing can effectively assist the organization in meeting its objectives.

Midterm Exam : 30% <Assessment Type: Individual>
Final Exam : 35% <Assessment Type: Individual>
Group Project : 30% <Assessment Type: Group>
Class Participation : 5% <Assessment Type: Individual>


Location Seoul, South Korea
27 Dec 2019 - 16 Jan 2020
level Bachelor / Undergraduate
Credits 3.0 Local Credits
Program fee 1,700,000 KRW
Accommodation fee 462,000 KRW
Extra information about the fee:
Depending on the type of room, the housing fee ranges from 462,000 KRW ~ 770,000 KRW.
Application deadline 22 November 2019
Entry requirements None
Contact information:
PHONE +82-2-3290-1599